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April 8-9-10

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Latest Updates 5 April 2005

Flinthyll Device

Updatedest Information
As of 5 April 2005

We're being made a real official shire!
Come help us celebrate!

Two divisions: "Formal" or "Open"

New 5 April! So you wanna wear a bodice, eh?

New 5 April! (Subject to change without notice)

New 5 April! (Subject to change without notice)

April Mews Official Flyer (Final)
New 24 Feb! (As submitted to Mews)

Lord Giudo's Heraldic Challenge!!!
(official challenge announcement from Ld. Giudo)

Silent Auction for Kingdom Travel Fund
New 24 Feb! (Sponsored by Ly. Margaret)

Building a Better Bodice
There is still time to make a bodice if you want to enter!
"A simple bodice or corsolette"
"Drafting a basic bodice pattern"
"How to make self-supporting bodices"
Above link suggested for newbies. Includes the word "boobage" Heh heh.

Quick Reference
for those with
Short Attention Spans
But you really should read the official flyer
Have a look at the Inflammatory Map
So exactly who will claim Melon Fields? Heh heh heh!

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March Mews Teaser Flyer
(March 2005 Mews)

Original Concept Flyer
(for historic purposes only)