The Shire of Flinthyll Presents...
Melon Wars 2

Event dates: April 21-22-23 2006
Langwood Education Center - 14001 H Avenue, Grandview, IA 52653 -
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Official Event Flyer from April Mews - PDF Format - JPG Format
Free Camping! Merchants Welcome! Showers and toilets on site!
Lunch Tavern by Haus Adelbrecht with the Shire of Dark River, Cost is $5.00. See the Menu
The Broken Harp Inn will be there to insure everyone has a good time.
Here is the Feast Menu
, as planned by feastorcat Ly. Anna Durham
Feast is limited to 60 adult seats, cost is $7.00. There is a separate kids feast for $2.00.
Click Here for more information about the SECOND ANNUAL BODICE COMPETITION.

20 April 2006 - Latest News

Please see the official event schedule

Merchants should bring their own shade and rain protection for their goods.
Merchants attending are expected to include:
Neverland Designs
Dragon's Lair Merchants
At least two other merchants will be attending.

Swag and Loot you can win, but only if you come!
A gorget by Faelan (Prize for fighting)
A set of arm guards by Lord Eric (Prize for Archery)
A Steel Buckler by Lord Grimmur (Prize for Fighting)
A Convex Mirror by Lord Hannibal (Prize for Bodice)

Crash Space limited availability
The populace is reminded that camping is free,
 but a very limited amount of crash space is available.
Please contact the Autocrat to make an arrangement.
Priority will be given to gentles with health concerns,
and also to gentles who ingratiate themselves with the Autocrat.
Please understand that the closest hotels are in Muscatine or Wapello.
There are no hotel accomodations in the town of Grandview.

Gentles wishing to contact the Autocrat
are reminded that he responds better to phone calls than email.
Please call him at 319-759-8882 (cell) or 319-754-4797 (home)