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Updated April 14th 2008!

Feast Entertainment by:
The Chapmagne Players
Here is their website!

Broken Harp
Post-Revel by the Broken Harp Inn!

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The Flinthyll Feastocracy presents...

Melon Wars IV Feast Menu

What's this Bodice Competition thing?
Glad you asked! We've got all the intel you need.

Lunch Kitchen by the Middle Ages Social Club
We got the lunch menu right here!
Proceeds from lunch sales will benetit Camp Hertko Hollow
a resident camp for children with diabetes

About our site: Langwood Education Center


Neverland Designs

Neverland Designs

Dragon's Lair Merchants
Dragon's Lair

Lionskeep Library
Lionskeep Library

Isabella's Gypsy Treasures
Garb for children and infants
Childrens books of the medieval sort
Herbal sachets, Salves
and other odds and ends

Merchant Info:
No merchant fee!  However, you must provide your own shade and tables. We regret we cannot allow you to set up in the buildings. Please email the Autocrat if you would like to be listed as planning to attend.