The Shire of Flinthyll
Proudly Presents...

April 27, 28, 29, 2012
Langwood Education Center
14001 H. Avenue, Grandview, IA 52653

NWS Forecast for Grandview, IA

Current Event Flyer
11 Apr 2012 - most current flyer with corrected phone number

Finalized Feast Menu
11 Apr 2012 - finalized menu

Your Event Steward
Jacqeline de Meux

Your Head Cook
Bronwen of Westhold

Your Web Minister
Hannibal the Oblivious

Merchants Attending:
send me your link and I will post it here!
(subject to approval)

Thistlewood Manor
Fresh herbs,  handmade soaps, jams,
jellies and pickles.

Neverland Designs
Basic men's and women's garb
in medium to generous sizes.